Workshop services

Our fully equipped workshop offers maintenance, repair and recondition services for all turbocharger types and engine equipment.
Inspection of damaged/worn components can take place in our fully equipped workshop, to define whether or not they are on repairable condition.

• Dynamic balancing of turbocharger shafts and mechanical rotating parts for optimum performance.
• Non-destructive testing of crucial turbocharger parts; rotor shafts, turbine blades and compressor wheels for ensuring in depth assessment of parts condition.
• Geometric inspection of rotor journals, labyrinths, bearings, and turbine/compressor blades.
• Efficient cleaning and shot blasting of turbocharger parts of weight ranging between 150-2000 kg following makers’ guidelines.
• Reconditioning of blades, shafts, compressor wheels, diffusers, cast casings, rotor journals and nozzle rings.
• Full inspection reporting with descriptive enclosure to maintain traceability of mechanical equipment condition and maintenance status.