Turbocharger Maintenance and Damage Prevention

Turbocharger Maintenance and Damage Prevention

DETURBO has entered the academic field inaugurated by a series of seminars hosted by shipping companies about Turbocharger Maintenance and Damage Prevention. Recently the certified engineers of DETURBO offered their know-how on dealing and managing problems under urgent circumstances on-board and onshore. Crew and Technical Departments got the chance for a productive conversation and exchange of experiences with our Engineers.

Article Photo: Photo undertaken at the Angelicoussis Group premises.


  • Turbocharger main design characteristics and operational principles.
  • Periodical inspection checklist.
  • Preliminary inspection and damage prevention.
  • Malfunctions and turbocharger surging.


  • Participation in our technical seminar enables accurate and faster fault diagnosis
  • Reduced service time.
  • Cost and total performance of the team and system will be maximized.

Ensure that during operation and maintenance everything is carried out correctly and efficiently.

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