Quality Control

High Quality control (QC) techniques used to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved according to specific standards and following ISO regulations. Our QC focuses on how parts fit together and interact and ensure engines operate smoothly and efficiently.

We guarantee excellent measurement repeatability and precision in any kind of conditions.

Full range of measurement solutions with:
• Motorized gauge MICRO-HITE+M used for advanced measuring modes and when certain metrological requirements become more constraining (accuracy less than 0.2μm)
• Roughness gauges for surface examination according to DIN and ISO parameters
• NDT examination with magnetic particle technique
• Hardness test equipment for standard methods, such as Vickers, Brinell, Knoop & Rockwell, as well as a wide test load range.
• Balancing machines in order to examine rotational parts unbalance levels and make relevant corrections into tolerances

Also reverse engineering techniques can be employed when final drawings are unavailable, a part can be recreated by implementing Reverse Engineering technique and determine how the subject part was initially designed. This process utilises sub-micron precision measuring equipment in conjunction with advanced engineering skills to achieve optimal design results.

Our equipment