We can offer workshop solutions at our premises in Hamburg to repair damaged parts. A sophisticated sand blasting machine, designed by our engineers, is used to clean the parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Rotors are balanced before leaving the DETURBO workshop to ensure safe and correct operation of the turbocharger. General reconditioning and overhauling works can be provided at your request. We aim to offer you the high quality engineering solutions at a low cost, in order to keep your Turbocharger rotating!

In all rotating components any added mass such as deposits from exhaust gases as well as any mass removed from the rotating system after overhauling can cause extreme centrifugal forces and excessive vibrations which can lead to a permanent imbalance of your rotor and subsequently severe damage to your system.

Ensure the safety of your rotor and request our balancing services during overhauling. We believe that every rotor that leaves the DETURBO service station should be balanced in order to avoid any unnecessary damages during operation. For your records, a balancing report will also be issued to you following the balancing of your rotor.

We have the ability to offer the reconditioning of most turbocharger types. This presents the opportunity to restore your damaged parts back to their original operational condition.
The DETURBO technical department will assist you and serve you to achieve the best results.

General ship repairs and maintenance of pumps, valves and machinery can also be offered upon request. Please contact our technical department to discuss your problem.

Sandblasting is a very important cleaning process for your Turbocharger parts during maintenance. Proper sandblasting restores components to an outstanding condition and removes any deposits or foreign particles which can affect the performance of your turbocharger or even unbalance your rotor.

Our sandblasting machine has been designed to adequately clean any size of turbocharger. With 3 operator positions and 10m2 blasting space we can minimise the time needed for proper cleaning of the turbocharger and meet your company’s needs on time. We can ensure that your turbocharger parts will be delivered to you in a fully operational condition.