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We have the experience and competence to undertake complex analysis of your turbocharger and undertake any other engineering projects if required. Our engineers can use sophisticated engineering software to diagnose, assess and provide solutions to your problem. Full technical reports detailing the findings and our recommendations will be issued by us to you. This will assist you in selecting the most cost effective solution to suit your needs and budget.

Bespoke Projects
We can undertake any study, drawing or survey that your system requires.
Accurate analysis of mechanical problems can be completed at low cost and in a short period of time thus minimizing your operational down-time.
Theoretical models can be used to examine the loads across tail-shafts.
Evaluation of gearing quality and the examination of their condition can be undertaken to avoid any serious and unnecessary damage to your system.
Geometrical clearances and mechanical systems are examined to achieve the highest performance.

Turbocharging technology
Operating principles for each part
Their applications in various types of IC Engines
3D CAD Solutions
Reverse Engineering Methods
Production of Engineering Drawings
Casting Solutions
Computational Fluid Dynamics