CNC Machining and production

DETURBO workshop is equipped with high precision milling and turning Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines up to 5 axis that can exactly meet the specifications and tolerances of any project. By employing state of the art CAD/CAM software our highly experienced Mechanical Engineers can optimise the machining process, improve final product quality, reduce waste, and minimise product cost.

We can successfully deliver the most complex projects in a timely manner responding to any tight production schedule.
All complex design machining projects are programmable via CAD/CAM/CAE software that assist on manufacturing design and programming setup process.

Machining of high precision & complex design parts for applications in engineering, aerospace, defence, marine, electrical and automotive industries is possible with machines that utilise multiple machining axis. We can produce parts using conventional and modern machining methods from materials such as high alloyed stainless steel, cast iron, low-medium alloyed steel, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, yellow metals, and advanced materials such as composites.

Our equipment